About Us


Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan Central School has been functioning since 1981 at Thodupuzha, as a pioneer educational institution to impart value based education and mold the students into fully developed perfect citizens. More than educating our students, the school functions as a regional Cultural Centre for the society.


The school aims to promote moral and ethical values along with academic excellence. It stands for nourishing the inherent talents and potentials in children and developing the life skills essential to cope with the challenges of life. It strives to mold ideal citizens with high moral caliber and true spirit of Nationalism imbibing the cultural heritage of our beloved motherland.

Principal’s Corner

Ours is a school with a difference. We have an extra schedule of “Panchanga Shikshanam” to teach Yoga, Sanskrit, Music, Body building and Morals. Our programmes are student oriented to develop the mind and body of our students to generate pure thought, words and deeds.


The School is run by the Saraswathi Education And Development Trust. The trust has constituted an efficient School Management Committee to direct the school. Everyday activities of the school are monitored by our experienced and efficient principal as per the guidelines of Bharatiya Vidya Nike than and CBSE.


Our emblem incorporates the Upanishad Message ’PRAJYANAM BRAHMA’ that is Knowledge or awareness is the ultimate truth. The radiant energy from this guiding principle will enlighten the whole world.